Wireless Engineering and Embedded Systems Consultancy - Canberra, Australia.

Principal : Glen English - 26 years of professional RF and embedded systems design experience

  • Click for Shortcut Smart RF over IP head end
  • Click for Shortcut to Easy DIrectional Diversity Amplifier
  • Click for Shortcut to Managed RF over fibre transceiver
  • Click for Shortcut to Smart leaky bidirectional amplifier
  • Click for Shortcut to Easy leaky bidirectional amplifier

    • RF Design :

    • RF Amplifiers and transmitters to 3 GHz and 50 kW
    • Receivers and modems for digital modulation applications
    • Telemetry Command, Control and Monitoring
    • Miniaturised, low power communications
    • Rack mounted, system wide communications
    • Aircraft, 2way PMR, Point to Point, Broadcast

      Embedded Controllers and Signal Processing :

    • Sensors , modems and autonomous controllers
    • ADI SHARC and Blackfin DSPs
    • Xilinx FPGA
    • VOIP, RTP, TCP/IP networking

      Antennas and Propagation :

    • 30 years of MF, HF , VHF , UHF propagation real world experience
    • Ground wave, Ionospheric, underground and beyond horizon modes
    • Advanced computer modelling of antennas
    • Beam steered and directional arrays
    • Efficient electrically small antennas

      Short run in house manufacturing facility

    • Yamaha YVL88-ii Pick and Place (100 feeders)
    • QiHe TVM920 Pick and Place (56 feeders)
    • Vapour Phase reflow soldering
    • Stencil and Dispenser paste methods
    • HE Inspection

      Maintained Software packages

    • Altium Designer
    • Mentor MODELSIM PE FPGA simulation
    • Mathworks MATLAB
    • Rowley Crossworks, ASAPS.